Restore Your Tooth Health and Smile Without the Look of Silver in Your Mouth

Do you have a cavity that needs a dental restoration or a filling that closely aligns with your own natural tooth color? At Luminous Dental Studio, we can fill dental cavities with material that closely resembles the natural shade of a tooth. Call us and get an appointment with Dr. Minho Chang or Dr. Nam Kim, our skilled dentists. Some of the benefits of composite or tooth-colored fillings include:

  • Less chance of mercury leakage
  • Keeps the esthetics of your smile intact
  • More conservative preparation
  • Bond directly to the teeth, making the tooth stronger
  • Requires less drilling

We are proud to call our office “mercury free,” meaning all of your fillings will be completed with esthetically-pleasing high-quality composite resin. Do not just think this is your alternative option to traditional amalgam filling.  Our latest generation of composite resin with “chameleon effect” provides lifelike translucency, color stability, good wear resistance, and stain resistance. Your will be surprised with long lasting and cosmetically superior result of our composite resin filling.

For more information about our dental fillings and the materials we use, we invite you to contact us at 469-731-5700.