Have a Relaxing and Comfortable Experience at the Dentist

Patients who need additional aids to get relaxed during dental treatment, those who are having sensitive gag reflux, and those who have physical or mental impairments that make dentistry unsafe or uncomfortable, may benefit from the use of nitrous oxide sedation. Patients who also have a dental phobia and otherwise have a difficult if not impossible time at the dentist, may delay seeing the dentist and getting dental care.

With nitrous oxide, medically safe sedative gas is mixed with oxygen and then inhaled through the nose during treatment. The dentist is able to quickly adjust dosage for optimal patient comfort, and the effects wear off quickly and completely from the body, allowing patients to return to their regular daily activities immediately following treatment.

We provide nitrous oxide at Luminous Dental Studio in Frisco, Texas, in the hopes that patients can be relaxed and comforted, while we provide treatment. Our dentists can go over with you the details and effects the treatment may have on you. Contact Luminous Dental Studio for an appointment with Dr. Minho Chang or Dr. Nam Kim. You may reach us at 469-731-5700 and ask any question, or if you have concerns about nitrous oxide. We want to ensure you feel completely comfortable during your appointment.