Make Dental Work Easier and More Comfortable with New Technology

Are you looking for an alternative to the uncomfortable and hard rubber dam? With the Isolite® Illuminated Dental System, which provides two channel hands-free vacuum suction and shadowless intraoral illumination.

No more feeling of choking on water! Luminous Dental Studio has integrated Isolite system’s Isodry® dental isolation system, which makes it possible for you to feel more comfortable during any dental treatment. Thanks to the brilliant design of the patented flexible mouthpiece and dual channel suctioning, our patients do not have to worry about having a mouth full of water anymore. At the same time, your tongue and cheek will be retracted and protected. It also gives our team better visibility, and significantly reduces aerosols in the operatory. This proven, reliable, award-winning technology has been named one of the “50 Greatest Game-Changers in Dentistry,” winning eight consecutive Dentaltown Magazine “Townie Choice Awards,” and receiving the Dental Excellence Award for Best New Instrument. It’s just better for everyone. Better isolation = better dentistry.

An additional reason our team at Luminous Dental Studio uses Isolite® Systems is that we can achieve better visibility, suction, efficient and results in our dental care. If you have questions about the technology used in our office, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.