3D Digital Imaging Lets Us See a View of Your Whole Orofacial Structure

Did you know traditional bitewing X-rays are now a thing of the past? When you contact us, we can explain more about what the intraoral camera does and how it benefits both the dentists and the patients.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We agree with that. We take pictures of your mouth using the award winning DigitalDoc Iris intraoral camera. These high-quality diagnostic tools, which is a camera tipped wand will be used to capture the image of your mouth during your exam. Those pictures of your mouth will be shown on the big screen TV right front of you. Now, you can see what your dentist sees. You might get overwhelmed at first, but you will see why it is important to keep your mouth healthy. Our doctors will review the images together with you and point out problem areas during our treatment planning session.

We welcome you to get in touch with Luminous Dental Studio for an appointment for dental care and to see what the difference is with an intraoral camera in Frisco, Texas. Call us today at 469-731-5700. We hope to hear from you soon!