Get Impressions You Need for Crowns and Bridges Without Resorting to Goopy Paste

Are you tired of biting into unpleasant-tasting paste to get an impression of your teeth? We provide digital 3D impressions in Frisco, Texas, for a more comfortable and faster experience at Luminous Dental Studio. Give us a call and let one of our dentists, Dr. Minho Chang and Dr. Nam Kim, take care of your dental needs. You can contact us at 469-731-5700.

Luminous Dental Studio will take 3D digital scans of your mouth! We are equipped with the latest-generation PlanScan digital scanner. It is the only intraoral scanner in the world with blue laser technology, which will capture and visualize your oral environment in full color. No more yucky impressions all over your mouth! Compare our digital scanner technology to those outdated digital scanners with one color images and/or powder spray on your teeth! This is the future of dentistry that you can experience today at Luminous Dental Studio. This extremely accurate scanned image will be transferred to our Dental laboratory where your crowns and bridges will be milled using CAD/CAM technology.

Traditional impressions are usually taken by placing a series of different putty-like materials into a tray and having the patient bite down on them to capture the shape and size of prepared dental structures that need to be restored. This method is still effective, and we frequently use traditional bite impressions. However, digital impressions provide the benefits of a faster and more precise process. Our digital workflow will eliminate the possible errors of traditional impression material. This means that you will receive crowns and bridges with state of the art quality.