Complete calculus removal and soothing of the roots may be the best solution for gum disease. The dentist will examine your gums to determine whether a gingivectomy in Frisco, Texas, is right for you. Dr. Minho Chang and Dr. Nam Kim perform the treatment at Luminous Dental Studio, where we are dedicated to healing the effects caused by periodontal disease. The treatment is typically the best course of action to reverse gum issues. Gingivectomy is an oral surgery that our dentists are skilled at performing to correct gum conditions around the structures of a patient’s teeth. To ensure your comfort, we will give you a local sedative.

The procedure involves removing and reshaping a portion of the gum tissue, also known as gingiva, from around the teeth. If the surrounding gum tissue is diseased, it will create pockets between teeth and cause problems. After the affected areas are then trimmed and reattached around the dentition, the dentist will usually place sutures to heal the tissue. It is also important during this stage to sterilize and rinse the gums.

To maintain the progress of a gingivectomy, it is best to schedule follow-up visits. A patient is responsible for their post-surgical care as well as continuing their routine oral healthcare. If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch with us at 469-731-5700 if you have any questions or We look forward to giving you the best smile and great oral health.