The frenum, a small fold of tissue inside the tops or bottoms of the lips, can sometimes restrict movement and cause problems with speech and swallowing, resulting in a condition nicknamed “tongue tied.” At Luminous Dental Studio, we can remove the frenulum with a procedure called a frenectomy, freeing the tissue and allowing better movement.

A frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure wherein the frenum is reduced, either by a scalpel or a laser. Sometimes, the dentist may use both tools to precisely shape and cut the tissue to get an optimal result. It can be usually done under local anesthetic, so you are comfortable and relaxed.

After the frenectomy, you may have minimal post-operative pain and swelling, allowing a normal function of the lips and tongue. Dr. Minho Chang and Dr. Nam Kim may recommend swishing your mouth with a mild mouthwash, which helps kills bacteria and germs, which helps protect the surgical area and accelerate the healing process. A few weeks after, a visit to see us may be suggested to check how well you are doing.

For more information on this simple procedure, please contact our dental team at 469-731-5700. Our experienced dentists will ensure your comfort during the procedure. Inquire about a frenectomy in Frisco, Texas today!